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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/16/1999; 8:43:22 AM
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If you used XML-RPC for DAV, you'd need to actually define the proceedures, so that products would be interoperable. In a perfect world, it might have been just that - an extra layer on top of XML-RPC.

I agree that you have to define the procedures on top of XML-RPC. That's the answer to Mark Aldritt's thread on XML-RPC.COM. Did people miss this? We specified the DG interface. We could totally XMLize the spec and would be happy to do so. We also specified a search engine interface. We will soon specify a prefs distribution interface. This is key. XML-RPC is a layer, in the layer above XML-RPC are the scriptable apps, the analogs to Word, BBEdit, Quark, etc.

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