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Re: Communities for tech women

Author:Jacob Levy
Posted:9/16/1999; 2:04:56 PM
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I'm not saying that these are all because I'm female, although I've heard (possibly apocryphal) stories of women posting under male or gender-neutral names, who find that they're then treated very differently online. However, these things just don't seem to happen in women's groups.

That just doesn't add up, Dori. If people know you only from online there's no way they can assume that you're a woman. Until I read your v8 rant (;-) I didn't even know (or care) that you're a woman. Dori happens to be a perfectly good gender-neutral name. I get the "have you plugged in your computer" response all the time and with my name there's very little possibility of mistaking me for a clueless woman. A clueless person, maybe, but that's another story.

:-) yours, Jacob

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