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Re: Communities for tech women

Author:Dori Smith
Posted:9/16/1999; 5:20:55 PM
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But then I try to remind myself of a few people: Grace Hopper, Lady Ada Byron, Kim Polese, etc... I wish I could name more. The bottom line is that we wouldn't have the world or the tech we have today if it wasn't for these people and countless other women.

The Top25 Women on the Web has tried to do this, but unfortunately, in my perception, they've just managed to trivialize the issue. When I've tried to discuss with them how they picked their winners, all I got back was either "you're just jealous because you didn't win" or implications that it's a paid promotional opportunity, and my publisher didn't fork over.

One of them actually commented that they'd even gone so far as to consider people who'd been working in the tech biz "since the 70's!" God, I felt old that day...

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