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Re: Network Solutions: Big Security Goof!

Author:Thomas A. Creedon
Posted:9/16/1999; 5:22:16 PM
Topic:Network Solutions: Big Security Goof!
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Hello all,

I can confirm NSI's latest actions. It boggles my mind that they'd do this! It's one thing to blow it writing some code or setting up a webserver. But this was an intentional act on NSI's part! I think someone outside of NSI needs to take a serious look at the lack of security at NSI.

I have several domains that I manage. One I received the email for and I logged in and changed the password. The other I didn't get an email for and I tried logging in and it didn't recognize me, as the slashdot article mentions.

On NSI's mail website I was unable to find an option to opt out of their email system. NSI! Add an option to let us opt out of your email system without having to call you on the phone! I think you'd save yourself a bundle in tech support calls and upset customers.


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