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Re: What about XSL on the Server?

Author:Josh Lucas
Posted:9/17/1999; 1:59:52 PM
Topic:scriptingNews XSL for Microsoft XML Parser(IE5)
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A side project which I did for my previous company used a Java servlet, the Lotus XSL processor, and an XML parser as the transformation layer for the web piece to a remote content management application.

The user would hit the web server, sometimes passing a cookie with a specific XSL filename, a query to the remote app would happen and XML would be returned and then run through the XSL processor with the specified XSL file and XML file. The user would have HTML returned to their browser. It wasn't exactly the speediest app but it go the job done and allowed for great flexibility. This was also done with static XML files stored on the server... Of course, I wrote this before I found Cocoon.


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