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scriptingNews XSL for Microsoft XML Parser(IE5)

Author:Scott Sweeney
Posted:9/17/1999; 11:20:10 AM
Topic:scriptingNews XSL for Microsoft XML Parser(IE5)
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Hey Everyone,

I asked last week if anyone had an XSL like Edd Dumbill's, but for the Microsoft XML Parser that comes with IE5. I didn't hear anything, so I made my own.

It's pretty cool. You can save some overhead for IE5 browsers by sending them straight to the xml file. If you have IE5, try this demo of Dave's Scripting News. All you have to do is include the line:

after the:

So if you need one, feel free to use mine. Hope it helps!

- Scott Sweeney

PS - If you don't have IE5, you can also see a demo here, since it can also be rendered on the server side.


  • 9/20/99 - new version posted that uses JavaScript to handle and format any HTML tags within the scriptingNews/text tags.

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