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Re: OT (?) analogy on Third Voice

Author:Fredrik Lundh
Posted:9/18/1999; 6:29:11 AM
Topic:OT (?) analogy on Third Voice
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They also get humiliated, which may or may not matter to them. /.../ But are their rights violated?

depends, I suppose. for example, the UK copyright law covers "moral rights" which stays with the original author, even if the copyright is transferred. this includes the right not to have a work subjected to "derogatory" treatment. one document describing the UK laws give the following example:

Suppose a service takes original material, puts it on the WWW and adds value by inserting a number of WWW links into the text to link this item to other relevant items. All the relevant copyright clearances to download the material have been obtained. The author might still object to these links if he or she considers them derogatory. A link from the authorís paper might be to a Web page of which the author disapproves (for example, Church of Scientology home page, tobacco company home page, anti-abortion group home page, neo-Nazi group home page, a link to a paper by the authorís rival), and so on. The creator can sue because the article impugns the creatorís integrity by associating the creator with something of which he or she disapproves.

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