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Re: Exploring epinions

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/18/1999; 6:52:41 AM
Topic:Exploring epinions
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Re: Weblogs and navigation - We're huge fans of weblogs over here, and you'll notice that we now have a "more" button after each "Just In" section that will show you the most recent reviews within any given category. Another (very popular) way to browse the content is by moving within the "web of trust" exposed in the reviewer biography pages.

Thanks for getting in the loop here. Burying the weblog is not good! I want one weblog for your whole site. It doesn't even have to be something that a human being maintains, to start, it could just be a reverse-chronologic list of all new reviews. As a user, I feel this is very important in your early days. How am I supposed to know where the activity is? Am I missing something? I'm sure I did. I just chose a few topics that interest me. It could be that there's interesting stuff to explore in branches that I didn't know to look in.

Also about not covering high-end products, beware the Nikon camera effect. Some end users want to buy what the pros use. A lot of people bought Nikons because just in case a great photo showed up in front of their lens, they wanted to be sure they had a great camera. I guess I feel left out. Scripting products are not free, always. But you don't cover the computers I like because they cost too much.

BTW, when I bought a car, a high-end one, it was well-covered on Yahoo, Carpoint, Autoweb and Autobytel.

BTW, I would be remiss in my duties as an evangelist if I didn't mention that it would be great if each of your topics were an RSS channel so we could flow them thru our aggregator. We will generate clicks for you, which is good for business, right??

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