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Re: If I were Microsoft's Marketing God

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/19/1999; 1:40:22 PM
Topic:If I were Microsoft's Marketing God
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The question is what is it doing? What's the benchmark page? Is it static? What's the point of having Zope if it is.

Anyway Frontier isn't even remotely in that league, at this time. We can do 50-100K hits per day comfortably. But it's not in the millions. This is one of the reasons we position Frontier 6 as a "workgroup web server". It can handle workgroups at least as large as UserLand.Com. And that's also why we're interested in dynamic connections to other deployment systems, so we can have a big scaling jump for Frontier-managed content as we continue to optimize Frontier for running higher-traffic sites.

Anyway, it's funny this should come up today. I just got thru writing the specification for Preferences flow thru XML-RPC. We have this deployed here and it's working really well.

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