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Nicholas Petreley article

Author:Dennis Peterson
Posted:9/20/1999; 12:06:36 PM
Topic:Nicholas Petreley article
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"Microsoft can easily use XML as a standard way to pack its documents full of proprietary data objects."

Good point. They could fill an XML document with binary data if they really want to.


"Microsoft is positioning XML as if it is the open way to create interchangeable document types. But Microsoft is doing this only to derail Enterprise JavaBeans, which is a platform-neutral approach. "

I dn't know enough about EJB, but...I fail to see how they're even comparable. To use EJB means I have to run EJB on my server. I have to learn Java and EJB messaging. And still, an EJB may provide messaging but I'm not exactly going to save a document as an EJB. With XML I can use any kind of web server to generate a format that I can easily understand and extend, and which anyone can read.

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