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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/22/1999; 8:16:22 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Press Release: Rogue Wave Supports SOAP. "The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) in Microsoft's Windows DNA 2000 provides developers with an advanced technology for building Web services and linking heterogeneous components over the Internet. SOAP provides an open, extensible way for applications to communicate using XML-based messages over the Web, regardless of the operating system, object model or language used by particular applications. Nouveau's support for SOAP allows developers to easily access CORBA applications via XML."

It's time for a fun feature!

Don Box's SOAP FAQ.

Desktop.Com has an outliner. Screen shot.

Dave Rogers on "smart" outliners.

Eric Soroos on next-generation email. He talks about using XML-RPC as a pipe for flowing email. This isn't the first time I've heard this idea. It's intriguing, because sometimes I think it should work the other way, that XML-RPC could use SMTP or POP as its transport. No reason you can't send an XML body for a mail message. But if it flows thru XML-RPC I can access email thru my object database and outliner. I think this is where email belongs.

Hannes Wallnofer, the lead developer for XML-RPC for Java, proposes an approach to the "attributes question".

Jeff Veen introduces XHTML. "Rather than the usual rushing to 'improve' the spec with a few ill-conceived add-ons, the W3C has decided to slow down and fix the broken stuff."

The Seattle Frontier User's Group meets on 9/28.

Salon on Slashdot: "What's really remarkable is how little cash got this ball rolling. According to figures provided in the prospectus, from August to December 1998, Slashdot itself had net revenues of only $18,000."

We had our first big crash on Nirvana. It was going to happen sooner or later. Now was as good as time as any. "qbullet.sidesmiley"

For Frontier users I wrote a narrative of the recovery process, and included a set of three scripts that automate a lot, but not all, of the work. As usual, full source is included.

My.UserLand.Com, also running on Nirvana, seems to be fine. It missed a few hours, but it caught up.

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