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Author:Tucker Goodrich
Posted:9/22/1999; 8:25:35 AM
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On second thought, this isn't such a bad idea, but this is a really bad implementation.

Check out WinVNC.

Or check out VNC for Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, Windows CE, etc, etc. All at the same link.

This does the exact same thing as, does it today, is multiplatform, and runs in any browser that supports Java through a microscopic java app. One client for all platforms.

A Linux system admin w/ some skill could replicate in, I don't know, less than a week, using VNC. He'd probably have to license it, but it would cost less than reinventing X windows in ActiveX...

I have this functionality today, except I run the server, and can access it from any machine I'm likely to encounter.

VNC comes from the Oracle/Olivetti Research Lab, now owned by AT&T, and seems to be the software core for the network computer we never saw.

Oh, and VNC is open source...

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