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Re: Next Generation Email: Don't ever delete...

Author:Ken Kennedy
Posted:9/22/1999; 2:15:27 PM
Topic:Next Generation Email
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"Don't ever delete it, if possible." YES!! Disk is CHEAP, and email is (for the most part), relatively small in size.

I keep email for as long as I can. To be honest, I don't follow this precisely; I delete some (most, not all...occasionally it catches my eye) spam, and most especially those multi-MB BMP/MPEG files (of people having sex in bleachers/Clinton editorial cartoons (send the URL only, please!)/catepillars & french fries/frogs in Blenders/etc., etc. ad nauseum) that I can't get people to stop sending me. And maling lists that I'm on. If they have a separate archive on the Net somewhere, I delete those after I parse them. Other than that, I keep everything. Goofy little hello messages from friends, work stuff, everything.

And every few weeks, I end up saving someone's bacon who religiously deletes their email. They come by (or email...*grin*), and ask if I kept something or another. You just never know...

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