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Author:Jon Phillips
Posted:9/23/1999; 11:24:46 AM
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Hey folks - hope it's alright to post a quick informal message here from We wanted to comment on a few of the specific issues [as for the "is this a good or bad idea/implementation" question, we'll step aside:-)] Any inaccuracies on our part are primarily due to sleep-deprivation...

We're working on getting our API together and putting it out as quickly as possible - the earliest will be "later this Fall," which is about as specific as we can be. Otherwise, it seems people here are experiencing the frustration of our incomplete Beta - we're pushing hard to get cross-platform/cross-browser support, get our new Web site up with our Privacy Policy, etc. We certainly share Philip Suh's browsers frustration, but we think we're close to expanding our support - the main reason we stuck with just JavaScript/DHTML was to have the possibilty of being available on all platforms.

The speed and responsiveness of the system is our main focus these days, as you can imagine.

Thanks for the curiousity in what we're up to - we're a work in progress like everything else on the Web and are trying to get better everyday.


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