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Weaving the Web: Tim Berners-Lee's New Book

Author:Dave Aiello
Posted:9/23/1999; 11:30:55 AM
Topic:Weaving the Web: Tim Berners-Lee's New Book
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The new book by Tim Berners-Lee, Weaving the Web, talks extensively about Tim's idea that a single Web client should be capable of browsing and editing Web content. Although I think his original idea was to make the Web Browser the primary tool in this effort, it sounds like he would be a big proponent of the "Edit this Page" functionality of Frontier.

Tim Berners-Lee also takes the time to mention XML and RDF in this book, which makes it interesting at some levels to people that read this site.

A Jon Katz review of the book, with extensive feedback from the Open Source community, is published on Slashdot. FWIW, I made some comments as to the ponderousness of portions of the book. But, some weblog development and scripting fans will find portions of it useful.

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