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Windows on linux

Author:David Valentine
Posted:9/24/1999; 8:42:36 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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I'd love to see that, but there is one Partial problem, MS Windows apps will only run on INTEL boxes. Ever seen Office for Alpha?

It might be that the MS windows for linux toolkit will only be available on certain CPU's. Which would leave it in the same vein as NT: Down on the Knees, flash the cash.

One of the things about Linux is that it runs on lots of CPU's, not just the MS blessed one. Let's talk turkey, Linux is really supplanting Windows CE. Cheap, runs on lots of CPU's, and somedayit willl have a standard interface.

Can your apps run on CE? if so, then perhaps MS would support a windows CE toolkit on linux. or prehaps a limited library that elimiates the past luggage, like Apple's Carbon.

I wonder if this is what the web apps project is really about. Lightwieght portable apps.

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