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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/24/1999; 4:44:50 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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DaveNet: Windows apps on Linux? "I'd love to see Microsoft make an investment in making Windows apps run smoothly on Linux."

New channels: Zope.Org, Director Online. Welcome!

We finally got Red Herring! What a long trip, but it has a happy ending. Thanks!

Unfortunately today's the day we did major surgery on the back-end of My.UserLand.Com. Lots of old stuff that it thinks is new. I guess that's the price of progress! With any luck things will settle down in the next hour. Thanks for your patience.

Here's a list of today's back-end changes for My.UserLand.Com.

Docs for serviceList2.xml. More information about each channel.

TheStreet.Com: Top 10 Internet Myths.

CNN/LinuxWorld: SendMail for NT not open source.

The Register: Linux for Windows? "Linux users who're at all bothered about Windows would prefer it the other way round - the ability to run Windows apps on Linux."

Don Box answers Fredrik Lundh's query, with the first public SOAP server, that we're aware of.

Developmentor: Experiment with CDL and SOAP Marshaling. Not sure what this is, but it's written in Perl and has something to do with SOAP.

More Mystery CDL Stuff. I wonder if this is what my experiments look like to Scripting News readers? I'll figure out what these CDL things are, for sure, and then I'll explain them!

XMLTP.Org is "an online community effort to standardize the transport mechanism for XML data. By taking cues from the Linux and Apache community, is in the process of developing a standard way to send, receive, and execute upon XML data." Thanks to Wes Felter for that link.

Wes found another reinvented wheel on SlashDot. "Imagine 100 Unix desktop systems, all controlling their configuration via XML and a centralized database. This is some of the things that we will be looking at within the next year or so." Wow! "qbullet.sidesmiley"

According to Network Solutions, Virginia is the capital of the Internet. I didn't know that!

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