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Re: Virginia, Capital of the Internet

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:9/24/1999; 12:40:22 PM
Topic:Virginia, Capital of the Internet
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Ah! Well! There you have it; proof that Virginia is the Capital of the Internet!

Actually, it's great to discover the Internet has a capital! No more issues with regulations anymore; the Internet is under Virginia's jurisdiction! Forget Australian censorship laws and international conflicts of interest, since those aren't recognized in Virginia, they don't really exist!

If you want to resolve your international conflicts of interest, clearly, one must send ambassadors to Virginia. Large donations of one sort or another wouldn't be remiss either. (If the United States REALLY wants to get in good with the Internet Capital, perhaps it could gift it with Puerto Rico... hard to beat a gift of that magnitude!)

I'm glad Virginia is going public with this.... it sure does clear up a lot of confusion!


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