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Where is CORBA?

Author:Dan Dees
Posted:9/27/1999; 4:47:15 PM
Topic:Where is CORBA?
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> Forrester says people want CORBA, but where is it? It's not baked > into Windows or Mac.

There is a perfectly fine implementation of CORBA (ACE) and an orb (TAO) free for *COMMERCIAL* use on a BUNCH of platforms:

> CORBA is complex and ever-evolving and not widely deployed. A > moving target, it doesn't run where the users are or content > developers,

SOAP does not seem to compare to CORBA any more than Volvo compares Greyhound. Not every problem is suited to Visual Basic and web servers. By the time SOAP could be used to solve the same class of problems as CORBA, it would have just as many services!

CORBA is not going to go away. Take a look at some of the companies using TAO on big technical problems.

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