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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/28/1999; 6:55:26 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Reuters: US, NSI work out Domain Name Deal. "As part of Tuesday's agreement, Network Solutions will recognize the authority of ICANN, which it had resisted until now."

Director-Online: XML and You. "You can't swing an expired IDE drive at your local magazine rack without hitting a glossy publication extolling the virtues of XML."

News.Com: Corel, others legitimize IM software. "Corel will add the instant messaging client in a partnership with Webb Interactive Services, which has taken a keen interest in Jabber's project to produce an instant messaging client based on XML."

Salon: Do Penguins Eat Apples? "Do you want to sell colored plastic all your life or do you want to change the world?"

What if SOAP or XML-RPC connected Linux and Mac? You'd get PhotoShop connected to Zope. Dreamweaver and PHP. Quark and MySql. AppleScript and Apache. Don't forget Director, Illustrator, BBEdit and WebSTAR. Think different.

There's a new registration page for My.UserLand channels. This is part of the process of separating the server into two parts, aggregator and affiliate. It's realllly difficult work. If you registered a channel in the last 24 hours, please re-register using the new form. And if there are problems, please report them on the DG, and include all information you possibly can. If there are errors from the server, what did it say? What's the URL of your XML file? What's your channel ID?

New Frontier Sample: Close All Windows Safely. "After a day's work I end up with a couple of dozen windows open in Frontier. To clean up my work environment I have to step thru them one at a time, deciding if it's a guest database (which I want to hide) or a window contained in a database (which I want to close)."

Cameron Barrett: "I recently implemented a pretty cool little feature on my web site that allows my readers to choose whatever color scheme they want."

Java Report: XML as a Distributed Application Protocol. "Even the OMG has had to support XML, with some obvious reservations. But with the OMG, that is probably more of an effort to appear open to new technologies and directions than any belief that it may be a good replacement for the core CORBA technology. Better to say 'XML has its uses, and here's how it can fit with CORBA,' than to put your hands over your ears and chant 'I can't hear you.'"

News.Com: Sun Posts Java Beta. "In development for the past year, the Java 2 Enterprise Edition competes with Microsoft's programming model called Windows Distributed Internet Applications. The two companies are at odds because Sun wants programmers to use Java so the software they build can be used in all computers. Microsoft primarily wants developers to create software that operates with its Windows operating system." I don't think the last part is true.

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