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Re: Web Users Own the Method of Presentation, Not Publishers

Author:Jacob Savin
Posted:9/28/1999; 11:08:29 AM
Topic:Windows apps on Linux: the real reason
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If users want to view all sites through the lens of annotation, they should be able to do that.

I agree that if people want to view the web through this lens, that they should be able to... Imagine if Microsoft were to decide to bundle TV with Windows or Internet Explorer. Imagine if I were a newbie who was curious about TV, and decided to try it out. When I installed TV on my box, I became completely frustrated with the fact that no matter how many times I turned it off, every time I opened up a new browser window, I got the TV bar on the left side of the window (in fully expanded mode, no less). This is one of the primary reasons I uninstalled it.

I'm a user with a high level of technical skill, so it was easy for me to figure out how to remove it, and not to beat a dead horse, but Dave is completely correct in saying that a newbie would have a really hard time figuring out how to uninstall TV. The option to do so was in the Start menu, and it leads you to a form requesting that you tell them why you're uninstalling. Is it even possible to uninstall TV without being connected to the Internet? I don't know.

Also, I've got a large monitor, so it was still possible to surf with the TV bar opened, but I pity the poor newbie with a 15-inch monitor or a laptop who'd be forced to fight with the thing every time they opened a new window.

[PS. I was writing this while DW was posting his last message- sorry about the redundancy.]

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