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Salon Magazine article ("Do penguins eat apples?")

Author:Larry Denneau
Posted:9/28/1999; 11:13:08 AM
Topic:Salon Magazine article ("Do penguins eat apples?")
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This article leaves me with the impression of somebody who spends too much time cruising Usenet advocacy newgroups, full of tired platitudes about how great MacOS is and how bad Windows is. It even peddles the myth that Mac users are somehow more "active" and "creative" than Windows users. Yes, we Windows users are a dreary lot. Let's grow up!

As a former Mac programmer I've kept an eye on Apple over the years, and it never fails to amaze me what a control-freak Apple is. I believe there would be an incredible amount of enthusiasm for any kind of real Apple-Linux cooperation, but they just can't let go of the control. Imagine the possibilities!


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