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Re: You've never owned the look and feel ...

Author:Fredrik Lundh
Posted:9/29/1999; 2:01:41 AM
Topic:Windows apps on Linux: the real reason
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Third Voice adds context, not content.

What TV client are you using? Obviously not the same one as I tried, which adds icons, lines, and text boxes to the pages I'm viewing.

(Besides, merely adding 'context' can violate the moral rights of an author. Check the copyright laws if you don't believe me.)

bordering frames in the same window that are hosted on unrelated sites.

Which isn't necessarily legal.

strong visual cues that distinguish the plug-in's content

Making the modification obvious doesn't make it go away...


The fact remains -- until the concept of public annotations has been tried by court, nobody knows whether it's legal or not. Until then, any TV user may get sued for any of the reasons given in TV's terms of service document, and TV may get sued for contributory infringement, or worse. Time will tell.

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