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Re: How to get the value of a table element?

Author:Brian V. Hughes
Posted:9/29/1999; 6:44:18 AM
Topic:How to get the value of a table element?
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My pseudo code is this:
on movPass ( tblUsersAdr )
 local ( row);
 for row = 1 to sizeOf( tblUsersAdr^ )
   local ( uName );
   uName = row.value;
   table.move (@uName.personalInfo.Password, @uName.Password);

movPass ( @timesMember.users )

Ok... Here's the actual UserLand code that does what your pseudo code wants to do.

on movePass (tblUserAdr)
 local (row)
 for row = 1 to sizeOf (tblUsersAdr^)
   table.move (@tblUsersAdr^[row].personalInfo.Password, @tblUsersAdr^[row].Password)

If you wanted to use the uName variable that you have in your pseudo code, it would look something like this:

   local (uName = @tblUsersAdr^[row])
   table.move (@uName^.personalInfo.Password, @uName^.Password)

Functionally, these two methods are identical...

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