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Re: A 3rd voice alternative

Author:Tucker Goodrich
Posted:9/29/1999; 4:17:57 PM
Topic:A 3rd voice alternative
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I completely agree that comment is good, I don't think anyone is saying otherwise. I even think that these formats (Third Voice and Crit) have some good things going for them.

The question is how do you do it? Scrawling comments all over someone's front door is probably not the ideal format. :)

I think Crit's idea is great: a separate site where people can comment on websites. The problem is in their implementation--it pretty clearly violates the owner's copyright of the original material.

There certainly should be a way to get around that, i.e. a page containing comments with links back to the original, instead of the original page with comments added (which could have been done at the time Crit was written, to address another comment earlier).

You could complain about that, but I don't think you could say it violates anyone's rights.

If Third Voice was a pane on the browser, totally seperate from the main browser window, that (for instance) read the current URL and showed you any comments that people had posted on the TV server, that would be much less objectionable to me (can't speak for others here).

It might even be neat, and would be easy to ignore...

The trick is to foster this sort of comment w/in context w/out trampling all over the owners rights, which I think the current implementations of TV and Crit both do, in their own ways.

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