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Re: A 3rd voice alternative

Author:Bill Seitz
Posted:9/29/1999; 3:33:34 PM
Topic:A 3rd voice alternative
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I sympathize with the writer/publisher's thought of "owning" content, but I'm starting to swing the other way, at least in terms of the ethical issue.

Isn't it a "good thing" for society to foster debate? This is what Foresight/Crit is interested in. See the old Drexler Hypertext/Evolution article at

Once you publish something, isn't it "fair game" for comment? And isn't it reasonable to expect some sort of integration between the comments and the original content?

There are lots of messy issues, and it may be reasonable to say that the current implementations are so flawed that the vision is irrelevant for the moment. But theoretically, isn't there something potentially good going on here?

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