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Author:Jonathan Eisenzopf
Posted:9/29/1999; 11:51:57 PM
Topic:ANN: XML::RSS 0.6
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This release fixes a a number of bugs thanks mostly to Chris Nador's efforts.

This is an alpha release because the API has not been finalized. The module will be available at your local CPAN archive. Alternatively, try this URL:

This Perl module provides a basic framework for creating and

maintaining Rich Site Summary (RSS) files. RSS is primarily used for distributing news headlines, commonly called channels, and is used primarily on Netscape's Netcenter,, and Userland Software's

More information on RSS can be found at:

An article covering the use of the XML::RSS module is available at

John Udell has also written an excellent intro to RSS which is available at:

Please send comments, flames, etc. to

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