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Re: A 3rd voice alternative

Author:Roger Espinosa
Posted:9/30/1999; 12:22:48 PM
Topic:A 3rd voice alternative
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...but *what* is exactly the point -- by this extent, you can't legally markup a *printed page* because you're violating the copyright of the author.

ThirdVoice creeped me out because it was centralized -- their plugin, their server, etc.

CritLink gives me hopes for the web being what it was intended to be -- e.g. giving *me* as *reader* the power to *annotate*. And *share*. The difference? Foresight lets you download the code, that to participate in a Crit discussion I *opt in* that conversation.

Maybe because my "milieu" is education, and we keep trying to connect contexts -- these tools (done *right*) really open possibilities. And deployment like CritLink let us taylor it to our smaller discussion.

(What's next? It's a violation when someone uses JavaScript to display something other than the URL when they link to you? I mean, you can easily be messing with a brand there...)

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