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Re: Microsoft Linux Myths

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:10/6/1999; 10:24:50 AM
Topic:Microsoft Linux Myths
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Isn't this what third voice was designed for: "For a Rebuttal, see xxxxx." I don't have TV installed, but I assume the page is plastered with comments.

There are 5 TV comments on the page. (Don't forget, TV doesn't work for Linux at all.)

2 literally consist of "HA HA HA". OK, only one says "HA HA HA"... the other says "HAHA - NEXT!"

Two, both from the same poster as the above two, contain some legitimate points, but in a fairly sarcastic manner (nor are they entirely correct; they are speculation from the poster, not accurate statements).

The last says "I like the myths, hehehehehe
Linvx[sic] is for thinkers"

This is not a representative sample; only two people have posted notes. (It is, however, about par for the course with TV, if not a little more informative then usual.)

Regardless of the legal and ethical issues, Third Voice is not a great place to look for rebuttals like this.

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