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Microsoft Linux Myths

Author:David Valentine
Posted:10/6/1999; 1:09:12 AM
Topic:Microsoft Linux Myths
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Isn't this what third voice was designed for: "For a Rebuttal, see xxxxx." I don't have TV installed, but I assume the page is plastered with comments.

If a well known Linux advocate or company came up with a rebuttal, would MS put a link on it's marketing page?

What's really needed is what systems like hyperG and Xanadu supposedly offered, bidirectional links. Although, with major pages this would be worthless, and third voice like. We would need some way to organize it.

Most importantly, will MS correct blatant misinformation?

There is no longer a 128 meg swap space limit, and it could be circumvented with multiple swap partitions, anyway.

"Linux does not support important ease-of-use technologies such as Plug and Play, USB, and Power Management" One big problem, NT 4 does not support USB either, unless you count the Custom SGI systems, and custom device drivers not provided by MS. And Linux does now support USB.

And does MS think Windows2000 with it's active directory is a walk in the park, or what?

"Linux is a UNIX-like operating system and is therefore complex to configure and manage. Existing UNIX users may find the transition to Linux easier but administrators for existing Windows®-based or Novell environments will find it more difficult to handle the complexity of Linux. This re-training will add significant costs to Linux deployments."

I know the Basics of Unix Admin, and am an expert at Mac admin, but Windows Admin tasks still gives me the fits (reinstall, again). I guess I have to take an MSCE class.

And for security, MS please compare NT with Open BSD.

MS is scared because companies with sharholders are appearing. These companies make money the same way MS does. Yearly support contracts, although, linux does not call them upgrades.

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