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Testing your XML-RPC client

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/7/1999; 9:43:14 AM
Topic:Testing your XML-RPC client
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A question came up on the XML-RPC mail list:

A fellow named Bas is trying to call an XML-RPC handler on one of our servers. In the rush to get the new interface out, I overlooked that we have a new public interface for people to test their XML-RPC clients against.

Basic info

Here's a Frontier snippet that calls the handler.

local (server = "", port = 80)
local (procname = "aggregator.getServiceInfo", params = {747})
scratchpad.infotable = betty.rpc.client (server, port, procname, @params)
edit (@scratchpad.infotable)

Here's an example of the it returns:$9

Full docs are here:$7

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