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JavaScript HTML entity encoding/decoding functions

Author:Mark Kennedy
Posted:10/8/1999; 9:56:27 AM
Topic:JavaScript HTML entity encoding/decoding functions
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Hi All!

I just receieved a bug report from a user of our dynamically-generated RSS file, which is generated by a JavaScript ASP. The problem is that things that should be HTML entities (like a bare ampersand) aren't converted into the proper entity encoding (&).

I have several PERL scripts which generate XML files, and I do the encoding with the HTML::Entities module, passing everything through the encode_entities() and decode_entities() functions before writing the XML. I'm wondering if anyone has a similar set of JavaScript functions that they could point me to. I'm rushed for time and don't have the time to write 'em myself, so I was hoping someone might have just the tool that I need.

So, does anyone have some pre-fab functions that they'd be willing to point me to? I would be most appreciative.

Thanks, all!

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