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userland as asp

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:10/8/1999; 10:03:54 AM
Topic:userland as asp
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After reading this article: and seeing this site:

It seems to me that it would be an awesome opportunity to spin off an ASP service using all of userland's tools. What I mean it this: Imagine if you could, for $20 a month, have full accesss to a hosted frontier app, using the web as the interface for adding stories,etc. (sorta like and having access to other frontier-based apps that people like the script-meridians could do. Meaning someone builds something cool in frontier, and they could, via this ASP site "rent" their tool out to everyone using the userland ASP service. Also, for additional fees (or maybe for free?) there could also be a partner Zope server and perhaps connections to say some oracle or other database. This would be HUGE!

I would love to have access to all the tools,etc. but to be able to have it hosted somewhere else and maintained, and to know it woudl always be up-to-date, fat pipe, etc.

Here's some ideas: Basic service:

50MG space

Frontier server

2 emails

domain hosting service (perhaps in partnership with another isp?)


Zope server

Your own discussion service - complete with your own with access to RSS feeds. etc.

Premium stuff:

Full content management system


XML-RPC service


Dave, if you dont do this, perhaps you might be willing to help some other group to set something like this up?

(Dont you love how I just sit around and think of things for you to do? :) )

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