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Feature Request: No more broken links!

Author:Bernhard Uellenberg
Posted:10/11/1999; 11:40:26 AM
Msg #:11933 (In response to 11912)
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How nice would it be, that hyperlinks would not be broken. Yes, server could be down, and the destination (page) didn't exist any more. But we have Frontier! A little Agentscript could controll (by day, hour) our links to external sites, and alter/remove the links from our page. Maybe insert a little icon, with an alt tag like: Broken since 10/11/99; 8:14:42 AM. Just a idea. Another topic could be the content of the external page. When the text changes, want you still put your link on it? Yes, with dynamic pages this would not be very easy to check - but with regular expressions it could be possible. Frontier could send a mail with status informations about all links an the state.

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