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Re: Start the Revolution without me

Author:Geoff Allen
Posted:10/13/1999; 8:05:25 AM
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The response on slashdot to Microsoft's "Debunking Linux myths" web page was interesting. Yes, there were problems with the Microsoft page, and those were worth pointing out. The page also mentioned true problems with Linux (and one that's an inherent Unix design issue). But the "Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft" crowd won't hear it. Microsoft said it, therefore it's wrong. It says something bad about Linux, therefore it's wrong.

Linux isn't perfect. NT isn't perfect. Pick the right one for what you're doing and get on with your life.


p.s. The "inherent design" issue is single-level administration. Microsoft rightly pointed out that Linux suffers from the fact that all administrative power is held by root, and cannot be delegated. Several slashdotters claimed that sudo was the proof that Microsoft was wrong. No. Sudo is a hack around the fact that Unix/Linux has single-level administration. It does the job, but it ain't perfect, and there are many risks with using it, because you are giving away root permission. Same thing with setuid programs. I still think Unix/Linux is better, but I'm not naive about it.

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