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Re: system.paths and guest databases

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:10/15/1999; 1:02:32 PM
Topic:system.paths and guest databases
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In the message this is a reply to, which probably belongs on the Frontier discussion, Brent Simmons states:

Please don't edit system.paths -- to do so is to edit a very critical section of Frontier. There are always ways to accomplish things without editing this table.

I've got my website in a guest database, and I want to make the #tools table accessible, as I used to edit the path to do so. By "accessible", I mean that while running the scripts in "#tools" for the purposes of debugging, other references to "#tools" are considered in scope. So, if I had:


I could debug listOfLinks, which references simply "createLink", without giving the full path. In addition, I have nested tables and such.

Basically, I want to add #tools to the path, without adding #tools to the path. How exactly is this done?

(note that during render time, this isn't a problem, as the #tools table acts in exactly the fashion I need. That still makes debugging hard.)

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