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Re: A Third Voice for the Intranet that Adds Some Features

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:10/18/1999; 6:59:02 AM
Topic:A Third Voice for the Intranet that Adds Some Features
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What I would have a problem with is if people then those saved pages into a database and served them up over an Intranet to thousands of uers, perhaps after modifying the content or adding comments. Well, wouldn't you know it, that's exactly the sort of product that Catch The Web has decided to offer.

Actually, it's already in existance, except it's done over the Interet via mammoth servers. Alexa caches pages on their service, and if you get a 404 on a page request, can fill it from their cache. It doesn't modify the page persay, but I daresay it modifies the site by allowing access to deleted pages.

(In terms of manipulating the web in ways the author didn't intend, I don't know what frontier has been left unexplored at this point, and most people are throughly unaware it's happened, let alone happening (Alexa claims 3 million downloads, yet you've evidently never heard of it). About the only thing left is a Third-Voice style thing that just flatly modifies pages.... that would be a censoring program, most likely, and it would boast as a feature that it doesn't block whole pages, but tries to salvage the content... anyone know if this already exists?)

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