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Re: Dan Quayle, Richard Nixon (Not What You Think)

Author:Erik Neu
Posted:10/21/1999; 7:32:01 AM
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[Calvin's post is a must-read]

Is Dan Quayle smart? Of course he is. Brilliant--quite possibly not, but anyway, the connection between extremely high intelligence and superb general leadership is dubious, to say the least.

If most people thought about it, I believe they would conclude that, if they spent many/most of their waking hours in the public eye (i.e., the reportorial cross-hairs), they too would furnish adequate "evidence" that they fall somewhere on the idiocy scale between "bumbling fool" and "total moron".

On that note, a link to an outstanding op-ed piece, by Charles Krauthammer, on some of the recently-released Richard Nixon tapes.

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