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Re: Jerks? Yeah, right....

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/21/1999; 4:39:26 AM
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OTOH, Joe Morgan is (I think) in the Hall of Fame and is anything but a jerk. Not even close.

Sorry, I didn't even know it was Joe Morgan until the post-game show. Maybe you should try listening without knowing it's a hall of famer, and see if you still think he's so cool. Post-season baseball is so unpredictable, counting the number of outs till the end of the game is fine, but don't use that as any indicator of the outcome of the game. Even I know that, and I'm no stinking hall of famer.

I've had the same kind of disconnect happen in the other direction, a couple of times. Listening to NPR, an interview with some man, I'm thinking "This guy is pretty smart!" and guess what, it turns out to be Dan Quayle! And then it happened again, a few weeks later with Hillary Clinton. Now, I don't really like either of these people, but the point was made with me, and now with Joe Morgan. Joe was a very smart baseball player, and sorry, I think an idiot as an announcer.

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