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Re: Hidden failure of MSIE

Author:Carlos Tirado
Posted:10/21/1999; 12:25:03 PM
Topic:Hidden failure of Win2k
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I don't know if somebody else covered this, I couldn't go through all the messages posted here.

Actually MS has built WYSIWYG editing capabilities into IE, starting with version 4. It is covered on :

When you are browsing, pages that are read-only to the user are completely customizable through script. This customization through the DOM works very much like an editor ... is really an editor. To build the editor, all we do is tell Internet Explorer to switch from the read-only browse mode to a read-write editor. This is accomplished using a property on the document called designMode. This property has two values "On" and "Off". You can switch any document into edit mode by setting the designMode property to "On".

The example presented there is rudimentary, but if you log-in as a user of the site, you'll see a much improved editor at the bottom of the page where you can rate each article. The editor even supports the keyboard equivalents (ctl-b for bold, ctl-i for italics, etc) and has a Word-style toolbar for inserting links, bullet and number lists, you can right-click and select to insert a graphic from the menu, etc. You can switch between WYSIWYG and HTML mode. Very capable, very useful.

I recently started using it myself in small, personal projects and I have to say that it works great for me.

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