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Hidden failure of Win2k

Author:Dino Morelli
Posted:6/23/1999; 6:52:08 AM
Topic:Hidden failure of Win2k
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Regarding Jesse Berst's article The hidden failure of Windows 2000

I've said to people in the past that I think it's almost pointless that the justice system is worrying about Microsoft as much as they are or even at all.

The problem will eventually take care of itself via bad products that don't have the vision anymore. Products that aren't competitive because of their drawbacks and flaws. So much so that they won't succeed no matter how much marketing money is behind them. This is where Linux, specifically, is beating the tar out of NT.

I understand that it's more complex than this makes it sound. But doesn't anyone else see this happening? And not just recently. Pretty much when Win95 was close to done I got an "it's dying" feeling from it. Like some evolutionary boundary had been crossed by MS.

Anyway, just my opinion. :)

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