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Re: Hide and Seek at W3C

Author:Mark Kennedy
Posted:10/22/1999; 11:08:40 AM
Topic:Hide and Seek at W3C
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The guy next to me is using IE5, as am I. He got in fine, I got the error message. Must be something different between the two builds, I guess.

I just checked again, and I can now get through to the main page! Woo-Hoo!

FYI, it takes 19 separate clicks to get the "Golden Ticket" to the real email address for the webmaster.

The only way to get there is to start at this page:

And click into every FAQ listed. Once you've clicked in, you need to click the "Not Relevant" button. That will take you back to the above page, but now it gives you a little hint:

"Make sure everything is either read or discarded! This is the only way for you to contact the W3C Webmaster."

And each FAQ will now have an icon next to it if you've already read and discarded it, or if you have not read it.

Once you have read and discarded every FAQ, then you get the email address, 19 clicks later.

BTW, this isn't a rant against W3C. Obviously they were having trouble with tons of newbie questions and needed to implement a system to quell the deluge. I just find their solution to be a bit flawed.

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