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Hide and Seek at W3C

Author:Mark Kennedy
Posted:10/22/1999; 6:44:08 AM
Topic:Hide and Seek at W3C
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Morning, folks!

I just have to share this with someone :-)

I tried to go to this morning for some research, and I received a "Sorry, Forbidden" message on the main page. Weird, 'cause the guy at the workstation next to me could get in no problem...

Anyway, at the bottom of the error page is a link that says "Webmaster", so I clicked through so I could drop a note. That's when the fun began!

They basically dare you to find an email address to contact the webmaster. It's a tricky (and aggravating) game of hide and seek. If you've never experienced this before, try this URL:

and see how long it takes to find the webmaster's address.

I guess I really can't blame them; they must have been getting crushed with mail asking bad questions. But I think their solution seems a bit convoluted.

BTW, I still can't get to their main page from my workstation. Does anyone else have this problem? Curious...

Happy Hunting!

Mark Kennedy

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