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Author:Wesley Felter
Posted:10/23/1999; 5:00:08 PM
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HTTP PUT is a good case where you should probably compare what the spec says to what people actually do. Because of the lost-update problem, PUT was never implemented very much (that I know of). It would be interesting for someone to set up a server that actually sends a 301 in response to a PUT request and see what Netscape Composer and FrontPage do. Do they work? Do they choke? I have no idea.

This brings up an interesting point: The editable Web still isn't here after years of work. HTTP PUT was flawed because it has no locking, so people started on WebDAV. WebDAV is here (sorta), although I don't get a good feeling when I read all the questions about the spec on the mailing list.

Looking specifically at Dave's Web hosting proposal, I don't really see any benefit of switching to HTTP PUT if there aren't any clients or servers that implement PUT well enough.

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