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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/23/1999; 5:11:39 PM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Because of the lost-update problem, PUT was never implemented very much

What is the lost-update problem?

Also, I don't think there's going to be a big-bang on the Editable Web, I think in a couple of years we'll forget that we were asking for it, it'll just be here.

I did a tour today of as many weblogs as I could find, at least that's what I thought I was going to do. I was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of writing that's going on! This is not the usual stuff, a home page with some cruddy animated gifs, but real writing, thinking, the good stuff.

But as a technologist, I want to give people the tools to have a full-featured two-way site, and what that means is step-by-step refinement of the process to reduce complexity and memorization.

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