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Re: TV & the First Amendment
Posted:10/26/1999; 8:20:40 AM
Topic:TV & the First Amendment
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I still (respectfully) think the metaphor needs to be reworked--Although the metaphors may be no more help than usual.

How about muttering in small groups instead of listening in silence? Surely that is acceptable. How about handing out headphones with sarcastic commentary and music by James Brown, Gil Scott Heron, and Aretha Franklin? That drowns out the Klan, but is voluntary, unlike the loudspeakers that were denied. How about dialing into a cellphone conference call? (Bad cellphone manners, perhaps, but almost certainly constitutional.)

Stipulated: The Klan have the right to speak. The protestors do not have the right to shout them down or shut them up. As citizens, we have the right to listen or to ignore.

Contested: What rights do we have to comment? When does our commentary infringe on their speech?

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