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An Open Source Milestone in Aggregation

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/27/1999; 6:07:50 AM
Topic:An Open Source Milestone in Aggregation
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9/3/99: A Bright Future for Syndication: "We are working on open source 'affiliate' software that makes it easy for anyone who operates a web site to tap into this flow, offering a wide variety of news sources to readers. Everything you need to participate in the syndication flow will be free and open source. It's designed to run on the LANs behind the firewalls at all the major web sites, on all flavors of Unix and eventually on NT and Mac OS. It'll be tough competition for Vignette."


We've been working with O'Reilly Associates on an open source version of the affiliate software, written in Perl. Yesterday, we reached a milestone! (This is not surprising since we're having a face-to-face meeting later today. It always seems to work that way.)

Net-net: The My.UserLand story flow has now made its way to an O'Reilly server, running Unix (not sure which flavor), with hourly updates. The application is written in Perl and the data is stored in the MySql relational database. I've been working with Jon Udell and Peter Wiggin on this project.

Shortly, the syndicated content flow will be available to any website that runs Perl and has a relational database. Our partner O'Reilly will help make that work.

More milestones coming

I don't want to make any announcements for O'Reilly, but they've been making some smart moves in this area! I'll let them tell you what changes are coming when they're ready. I'll just say this, people you know thru Scripting News are going to be contributing to O'Reilly's network.

Things are really coming together!

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