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datango: Third Voice with a soundtrack?

Author:Scott Hanson
Posted:10/28/1999; 3:08:29 PM
Topic:datango: Third Voice with a soundtrack?
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No, not quite, but the Berlin firm datango (, in German only) is testing a product for Internet Explorer that 'plays' back a set of web pages in a timed sequence with a verbal commentary.

These 'webrides' are moderated by 'webjockeys' and are intended as guided tours for newcomers to the Internet. The concept is being supported by eBay and the German television channel ProSieben, among others.

The webrides are all produced by datango itself... they don't mention anything about being able to produce your own webrides. They offer to exclude websites which don't want to be included.

When I saw the concept, I thought immediately of Third Voice, since datango similarly attaches third party commentary to web pages, albeit moderated and more clearly separate from the page itself.

Imagine what pages like McSpotlight's tour of ( would be like if they could add a soundtrack!

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