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Author:Wesley Felter
Posted:10/28/1999; 10:24:23 PM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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IBM NIHs XML-RPC. It's called the "Beans Scripting Framework."

Nah. At least IMO, BSF and XML-RPC solve different problems. BSF is like Apple's OSA or MS's Active Scripting; it solves the problem of calling between different languages within one Java VM. I wouldn't want to do that with XML-RPC. BSF doesn't even try to solve the problem of doing RPCs across different computers (or even different VMs on the same computer).

This is similar to the situation with KDE's DCOP. DCOP is a fast binary protocol, but it only works between apps that are connected to the same X server AFAIK. So you have a gateway and you get the advantages of both protocols.

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