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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/28/1999; 3:45:04 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Webreview: RSS Delivers on the Promise of XML. "My.UserLand started as a simple customizable page where you could display different RSS channels. But it has quickly evolved into a syndication hub that combines, or aggregates, the new stories from over 440 channels into a single flow of new items. Hence, My.UserLand.Com is known as an aggregation site."

Dan Gillmor has arrived in Hong Kong. With pictures!

VillageNews is Kern County's First Manila Powered News Site. No doubt there will be many more!

New Frontier 6.1 verb: string.hashMD5.

Ian Beatty: DocRenderer 3.0 is "an outline renderer which allows you to author reasonably complex, prose-heavy HTML pages in [Frontier's] outliner, with minimal fussing with HTML tags."

WSJ: Gateway, Compaq, Dell plan PCs w/o Windows. "Every PC manufacturer is thinking hard about and working on a lot of these devices in their labs," said Kevin Hause, an analyst who tracks the market for International Data Corp.

Edd Dumbill is the new Managing Editor at XML.COM. Edd is a friend of UserLand. The developer of XML-RPC for PHP, he's always the first to help us test new interfaces. We like Edd because he makes software; having him as a leader at XML.COM is good news for XML. Congrats to Edd, and congrats to O'Reilly and Seybold, the co-owners of XML.COM.

Edd says: "Thanks for the welcome Dave, I appreciate it."

Red Herring: Jeff Hawkins fights feature creep. "Somewhere along the line, somebody has to be the bad guy, somebody has to say no," Mr. Hawkins says. "At Palm, that person was me."

MetaFilter did a lookup on Network Solutions and found a lot of "cloud" domains reserved by Marc Andreessen.

Now, knowing this, do you want to recast your vote in the survey on LoudCloud's value at IPO? (It's one of the nice features of our survey system, you can only vote once, but you can change your mind.)

MetaFilter is a "community weblog". Wow!

NYU: Responsive Face. "The eventual goal of this research is to give computer/human interfaces the ability to represent the subtleties we take for granted in face to face communication, so that they can function as agents for an emotional point of view." Addictive and fascinating.

We have a placeholder for ads on SalonHerringWiredFool.Com. I got the ads by taking a couple from each of the four sites (they're actually making money on every hit right now). Of course we want to run our own ads on this page. I'd like to start with charities. If you know a worthy cause that has a standard banner ad available, we'll run it for free for a limited time, and probably will always include charity in our mix.

Linux.Com only runs free ads for the Linux community. Here are some samples.

Kurt Granroth is bringing XML-RPC to KDE. "This effectively means that all KDE apps can be remotely manipulated (scripted) by any language on any platform." Yahoo!

IBM NIHs XML-RPC. It's called the "Beans Scripting Framework."

The New Homemaker, a great weblog, is a Frontier site. "Take off your bra in a thunderstorm." I'll have to remember that!

Jim Gable's startup is called Kerbango. "It's a huge directory for finding, selecting and listening to Internet audio off the web."

Jim Roepcke: "I loved running my own BBS. That's one of the reasons I was so attracted to running my site with Manila. There's basically a BBS, at least the part of BBS'ing I like, message boards, included in the package!"

64 days to Y2K. "You now have a plan."

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